Marine Paints are certainly our expertise and with the growing price of raw materials used in the paints and resin  manufacturing process and the time involved in repainting or repairs you cant afford to be misguided in advice. Here at Boat Paints we pride ourselves on the correct advice all the time.

Osmosis condition to Fibreglass boats has been a mystery to most boaties for many years ,but Gary at Boat Paints has been at the forefront of Osmotic repair  for the last 25 years. Seeing a potential epidemic looming Gary invested a lot of time studying and understanding all osmosis conditions to fibreglass. We pioneered a technique which is now a common repair technique among most boatbuilders and osmotic repairers Australia wide.

Aftercare of new Boats and new repaints is most important to maintain the best look to your vessel, with a lot of aging vessels here in Western  Australia, looking after your surface will prolong sun damage.

Not only is a nice shiny surface nice to look at but more importantly it is a protectant to the underlying substrates, with gelcoat it protects the Polyester resins from U.V damage which inturn turns it brittle, with Steel or Aluminium it paint prevents corrosion and with wood it prevents wood rot , all of these substrates need adequate paint systems to protect against common oxidization, which will in turn breakdown the material.

We have a complete professional range of Compounds, Polishes and pure waxes to keep that U.V deterioration at bay.

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